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Jan 27, 2010 11:00pm EST
to not include some of the biggest such as medicare and social security. the question now is was the speech good for the president and his agenda and his party? the answer to that will come in time. wbal tv 11 news. >> not all members of congress were present at the state of the union address. one person was at loyola university to outline themes in his book and the fed. >> i could not go to the house floor tonight to listen to the speech. the secret is i do not feel like i will be missing a whole lot. >> his book is his response to the big government solutions for the financial crisis. he is co author of a current bill requiring an audit of the federal reserve. we have a number of resources on the president's state of the union address on our website. you can watch the entire address, reading transcripts and take our online survey where you can grade in his performance so far. there is a link on our homepage >> funeral service arrangements have been made for a foreigchars matthias. he died monday at his home at the age of 87. >> we are following breaking news at this hour from north
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1